South African teenager scored 160, rest of the team out for ducks

South African teenager scored 160, rest of the team out for ducks
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16 December 2016

Shania-Lee Swart was the just a single to score for her group alongside nine extras.Shania-Lee Swart crushed 160 keeps running off 86 balls and went ahead to take 2 wickets. 

Numerous players have been credited with winning cricket matches 'without any help.' But that expression can be utilized as a part of it's exacting sense to depict an innings now. In an under-19 ladies' T20 diversion amongst Mpumalanga and Easterns in South Africa, opener Shania-Lee Swart scored 160 keeps running off 86 balls. That, alongwith nine additional items, brought the group's score was 169. 

None of the other batswomen could put a solitary keep running on the board however that didn't appear to trouble Swart one piece. As her colleagues fell on the opposite side, she went all alone cheerful way crushing 18 fours and 12 sixes. On the off chance that that wasn't sufficient, she additionally took two wickets and in this manner guaranteed her group's triumph. 

It must be a standout amongst the most noteworthy innings ever by Stewart, as well as her group general, in spite of the fact that for two altogether different reasons. While Stewart pummeled the bowlers, on the flip side, there were eight ducks, three of which were brilliant. The ninth zero on the scoresheet was the batswoman who remained not out alongwith Swart. 

Swart's aggregate is likened to the combativeness appeared by Chris Gayle when he made 175 in 2013. The measure of limits and sixes that she hit implies that she took 144 keeps running in fours alone, which means she made that many comes up short on 30 balls. While such a deed may never happen in universal cricket, wether it be men's or women's, it is something that is essentially inconceivable on the cricket pitch.

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