PM Modi announces host of sops for farmers, women and marginalised section of society

PM Modi announces host of sops for farmers, women and marginalised section of society
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01 January 2017

PM Modi tries to soften the hardship of demonetization by announcing host of sops.

PM Modi in his New Year's eve speech saluted people for enduring hardship for the common cause of cleansing society of black money. He pointed out the benefits of demonetization and again explained why such a drastic step was necessary. Modi announced a host of decisions to uplift the weaker section of the society. Couple of housing schemes, easy credit for farmers and businessman, enhanced one time money for pregnant women and greater interest for senior citizens was announced by the Prime Minister.

But the speech was devoid of any big bang decision which many were hoping for to back up the drastic demonetization step taken by PM Modi on November 8. For now PM clearly is looking to enhance the tax base, to ensure that the nuts and bolts of the monetary system works well and leakages are minimised to boost the overall economy of the country.

Rahul Gandhi's demands:

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today put forth a charter of demands to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking him to lift the restrictions on cash withdrawals immediately and pay Rs 25,000 to every BPL family.
Gandhi took to Twitter to highlight his demands ahead of Modi's second television address to the nation tonight after his surprise November 8 announcement to withdraw Rs 1,000 and old Rs 500 currency notes.
The Congress vice president, a staunch critic of the government's decision to demonetize the notes, listed out his eight demands to Modi as the 50 days the prime minister had sought to normalise the situation expired yesterday and there still seem to have some issues with the availability of notes.

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