Narendra Modi is making Nehru jackets trendy again

Narendra Modi is making Nehru jackets trendy again
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06 December 2016

The sleeveless coat made prominent by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has found a fervent devotee in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi- - feels Shantanu Mehra of the well known architect team, Shantanu and Nikhil. 

Shantanu Mehra of the prominent originator twosome Shantanu and Nikhil trusts that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is making the conventional Nehru coat stylish once more. 

"Our PM Modi is bringing the customary Nehru coat back in form. Despite the fact that the majority of the legislators are either wearing western outfits or run of the mill Khadi and white kurtas, they are not wearing such conventional outfits," Shantanu was cited as telling IANS. 

"I feel that way, Modi is wearing Nehru coats that can motivate numerous youthful legislators to take after and put forth their form expression," he said. 

Which government officials coordinate up the parameters of GQ man? 

"I think they have to prepare themselves (legislators) better. They ought to wear more a la mode equips that won't just make them look great, additionally make our nation glad and chic. A Nehru coat is well-suited for that," he said. 

The fashioner pair, known for combining history and legacy with cutting edge components in their design, revealed their new gathering Kashmiriyat 1990 at the menswear form occasion Van Heusen and GQ Fashion Nights 2016 here on Saturday. 

While a year ago the pair took a shot at a subject of Partition of India and Pakistan, this year their work was the impression of correspondence and solidarity in the assorted culture of Kashmir. 

Shantanu said, "We are doing a reversal to history and bringing back those recollections through our form. A year ago, when we chipped away at the parcel topic, we planned to pass on how we separated on a positive note." 

"This year, when we endeavored to rethink Kashmiriyat of 1990, we highlighted on the solidarity in the differing Kashmiri culture where there is a festival of religious balance, a Kashmiri who has the feeling of having a place as a Pandit or a Muslim." 

Politically, the valley is experiencing a turmoil circumstance. Be that as it may, the architect said: "The feeling of having a place is the beam of trust that youthful Kashmiris have in their psyche. There are Kashmiri society artists and shake groups who performed at our demonstrates that came the distance from Kashmir. Their tunes, their music says that they live in trust. We praise that."

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