Hollywood actress Raped by Co actor and Bar Owner

Hollywood actress Raped by Co-actor and Bar Owner
By: abhishek kumar
24 December 2016

HBO channel's hit show "West World" star and Hollywood actress Evan Reshlvud revealed a shocking incident. Reshlvud said after raping, she was sexually and psychology abused by ex-partner. American magazine Rolling stone in an interview, she revealed it. Reshlvud detailed information on Twitter has shared the letters. She was thinking about suicide..

A ccording to information, in a letter Reshlvud wrote. Yes, I have been raped. When we were together with me my partner did the wrong thing. In another occasion she was raped by Bar Owner. Although at first I was not sure about this thing that my partner has done me wrong as rape because I was relying too much on him. But other times I felt it was my fault and now I must fight it more. Although I was quite scared. Even I was thinking about suicide.

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