Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan says Swami Om does not deserve to be called Swami

Bigg Boss 10 Salman Khan says Swami Om does not deserve to be called Swami
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10 December 2016

It's Saturday people, and Salman Khan is good to go to have the first of the two Weekend Ka Vaar scenes this evening. Salman joins the candidates of the truth appear from outside the house, associates with them, rattles them up for their impolite conduct and gives his recommendation to play a superior amusement wherever required. Swami Om is the current week's prime guilty party who made hubbub in the house after her told Bani, "(If you won't stop this) your mom will bite the dust," in the scene which broadcast on December 9. He additionally nauseated everybody when he urinated outside the washroom. Salman is additionally appalled with Swami Om's conduct which is going from awful to more terrible by every passing day. 

Salman asks Swami Om how might he urinate in the open that too before the ladies just to spare 50 focuses. Swami Om says that he needed to do as such on the grounds that he has pee issues and he couldn't control. Salman then lets him know, "You ought to have given them 500 focuses and gone in the lavatory as opposed to doing it over yonder." Swami Om tries another legitimization saying that Gaurav Chopra tested him and that is the reason he did it. What's more, this time Salman, unmistakably resentful lashes out at him saying, "since he tested you, you felt free to peed?" 

Salman understands that he's battling a lost fight and swings to his second bumble of the week. Salman begins by getting some information about his relatives. Swami Om doesn't have a straight answer and says: "Negligible khandan mein paramatma hain aur sari duniya (My family is God and everybody in this world)". Salman then asks, "Maa nahi hain apki?" and Om Swami answers, "Meri maa Bharat maa hain." Salman keeps flame broiling him and asks, "Aur Bani ki maa?" to which he says, "woh bhi meri maa hain." And then Salman loses his temper and says, "Toh maa ke exposed mein aap bolte hain ki deface jaye? How might you say something like this?" Salman says he doesn't merit the title of "Swami" and in future he'll just call him Om. 

Salman next swings to Bani and encourages all her temper and demeanor within proper limits as it is influencing her association with her companions inside the house and her picture outside the house. Salman says he's learnt it the most difficult way possible that connections get influenced because of outrage issues. 

Bigg Boss is presently facilitating 11 contenders - Bani, Priyanka Jagga, Manveer Gurjar, Monalisa, Rahul Dev, Lopamudra Raut, Rohan Mehra, NItibha Kaul, Swami Om, Gaurav Chopra and Sahil Anand. Manu Punjabi is out of the house to go to his mom's burial service and is relied upon to return soon while trump card passage Jason Shah is out of the house because of medicinal reasons.

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