Underworld don Dawood's assets seized in UAE, BJP says masterstroke by PM Modi

Underworld don Dawood's assets seized in UAE, BJP says masterstroke by PM Modi
By: Author
05 January 2017

New Delhi: With the commanding voices in United Arab Emirates (UAE) purportedly seizing outlaw underworld wear Dawood Ibrahim's benefits worth Rs 15,000 crores, the decision BJP demeanor has credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for what it called the ''greatest ever crackdown on the 1993 Mumbai serial impacts plan.'' 

Responding to the media provides details regarding most needed criminal Dawood Ibrahim's properties being seized by the UAE powers, the decision party credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a "noteworthy political achievement". 

The gathering guaranteed, in a tweet, that the reported activity against Dawood Ibrahim depended on a dossier gave by the Indian government to UAE. 

"Major conciliatory accomplishment of PM Modi: One of India's most needed hoodlums, Dawood Ibrahim's properties worth Rs. 15,000 crore seized in UAE," the BJP had tweeted. 

The response from the gathering came in the wake of reports that the UAE government has grabbed the outlaw underworld wear's advantages worth Rs 15,000 crore. 

The UAE powers have likewise fixed properties of Dawood in Dubai, it said. 

The UAE government had as of late started an investigation into properties of Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai subsequent to getting a classified rundown from India. 

The rundown was given to the UAE powers when Prime Minister Narendra Modi, joined by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, went by UAE a year ago. 

The Government of India had then asked for the UAE government to grab the properties having a place with Dawood and his wrongdoing syndicate. 

The dossier gave by India to UAE recorded a few properties furthermore supposedly made a say about an organization known as ''Golden Box'' being purportedly keep running in Dubai by Dawood's sibling. 

The dossier expressed that this organization is being controlled by Anis Ibrahim who is the more youthful sibling of Dawood. 

Other than Dubai, Dawood has interests in Morocco, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand, Cyprus, Turkey, India, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. 

Dawood Ibrahim, 59, is accepted to cover up in Pakistan's Karachi and has been followed by India for more than two decades. 

The UN-assigned fear based oppressor is blamed for plotting the 1993 serial impacts in Mumbai in which 257 individuals were slaughtered. 

He is likewise blamed for engineering other dread assaults and faces numerous charges of tax evasion and coercion. The mafia supervisor is additionally blamed by India and the US for financing fear bunches including al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Toiba.

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