Should the man who Smashed a kangaroo keep his employment as a zookeeper

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Should the man who Smashed a kangaroo keep his employment as a zookeeper?
By: abhishek kumar
22 December 2016

The MAN who chose to go up against a kangaroo to ensure his canine has brought about an online networking storm this week… and shocked viewers are asserting he ought to be not keep his employment as a zookeeper. 
Footage rose of Greig Tonkins running towards a puppy and a kangaroo. 
As he gets nearer it rises that the kangaroo has got his puppy, Max, in a wrestling hold. 
At the point when Greig gets nearer, Max tries to escape however the Kangaroo lifts the pooch up and kicks his front legs. 
Occupied by Greig, the kangaroo all of a sudden relinquishes the pooch and turns its regard for the 34-year-old. 
It squares up to the Australian person and comes towards him, having discovered its next casualty. 
Be that as it may, before the kangaroo can do anything, Greg punches it in the face before running back towards his auto with the canines. 
The video detonated the web this week - some have denounced Greig's activity saying there was little else who could have done other than box the kangaroo to protect Max. Others were offended by his activities - and when it rose that he filled in as a zookeeper, they called for him to be let go. 
Greig fills in as an elephant manager at Taronga Zoo. Taking after the viral video, the zoo discharged an announcement affirming that Greig won't be let go from his employment. 
The announcement read: "Taking after the occasions of the most recent 48 hours in which Greig Torkins was seen via web-based networking media punching a kangaroo in endeavor to free his canine from its hold, Taronga has been immersed with sympathy toward Mr Tonkins and in addition enquiries in regards to Taronga's position on the occasions. 
"Best practice creature welfare and the insurance of Australian untamed life are the very pinnacle of imperative to Taronga." 
The announcement proceeded with: "Taronga emphatically restricts the striking of creatures and does not bolster the act of utilizing mutts to chase, as this can bring about negative welfare for both species. 
"Mr Tonkins is an accomplished zoo attendant and amid his six years at Taronga Western Plains Zoo has dependably taken after Taronga's best practice way to deal with creature care and welfare. 
"We affirm that there is no recommendation of Mr Tonkins' work at Taronga Western Plains Zoo finishing as an aftereffect of this occasion. 
"In any case, the most elevated benchmarks of creature welfare and care are a center estimation of Taronga and one that we anticipate that our staff will maintain in every one of their communications with untamed life and we keep on working with Mr Tonkins on his direct as to this occurrence."

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