Samajwadi Party crisis, Azam Khan positive about Mulayam Akhilesh patch up

Samajwadi Party crisis, Azam Khan positive about Mulayam Akhilesh patch up
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04 January 2017

Senior Samajwadi Party pioneer Azam Khan says that Mulayam Singh Yadav needs to understand the continuous quarrel in the gathering. 

Lucknow: during an era when a split in the Uttar Pradesh administering party, Samajwadi Party, looks up and coming, senior pioneer Azam Khan is "certain" about a fix up between the two camps. 

While one camp is going by gathering supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, the second drove by child and state boss pastor Akhilesh looks "more grounded" to assume control over the reins of the SP. 

"I addressed Netaji, he's sure and needs to settle the issue," Azam told ANI on Wednesday. 

He included that both Akhilesh and Mulayam talked. "The discussions amongst father and child ought not stop, as it's an extraordinary relationship." 

On Tuesday, Akhilesh met his dad and went through three hours with him. In any case, it appears to be both the camps are yet to touch base at an assention. 

The most recent round of contention in the gathering began after Akhilesh reported his own particular rundown of possibility for the up and coming UP get together races 2017. 

Truth be told, Akhilesh was suspended from the gathering for a long time by his dad and was promptly reclaimed into its overlay. In a show of quality, more than 90 percent of SP officials communicated their support for the central priest.

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