Private doctors charge for free H1N1 tests done by government

Private doctors charge for free H1N1 tests done by government
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12 January 2017

HYDERABAD: Though tests for swine influenza are to be directed free of cost, private doctor's facilities are charging patients for it. 

Independent of whether a patient suspected to have swine influenza is conceded in the state-run Gandhi healing facility or a private doctor's facility, the state government has been bearing the cost of the test, which is '3,500. 

Swine influenza testing is done free of cost by the legislature at the state-run Institute of Preventive Medicine (IPM) or the administration Fever Hospital. Every single private healing center are ordered to send tests to the administration labs for testing for swine flu.Private labs are not permitted to do this test. 

While no patient has documented an objection yet, enquires by TOI uncovered that a portion of the city's top doctor's facilities include the swine influenza testing charges to the last bill of the patient. Most patients are unconscious that the cost of the test is borne by the administration. 

"This is going on as there is no legitimate observing of private segment hospi tals to check whether they are gathering H1N1 testing expense charges from the patient or not. Beyond 90% of swine influenza cases are being taken care of by private doctor's facilities in the city," said a senior he alth office official. 

Amid an audit meeting on swine influenza, led by key secretary wellbeing Rajeshwar Tiwari two weeks prior, wellbeing office authorities had looked for consent from the administration to gather charges from private healing facilities sending swab tests from their patients for testing for H1N1 disease. Authorities said that most patients going by private healing facilities could stand to pay the charges of `3,500. 

Of the 22 H1N1 cases recognized since January 1, just a single patient is experiencing treatment at the state-run Gandhi doctor's facility, while the rest are in private healing facilities. From January 1 to 10, IPM has tried an aggregate of 190 swab tests from patients suspected to have swine influenza however just 22 tried positive. 

In the interim, the staterun Fever Hospital, which is likewise prepared to test H1N1 tests, has been continued standby. "On the off chance that the heap on IPM expands, we are prepared to direct tests for swine influenza on tests. Not a solitary patient has arrived up at Fever Hospital in this way," said Dr K Shankar, administrator, Fever Hospital.

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