Pink and stripes will rule Bollywood fashion scene in 2017

Pink and stripes will rule Bollywood fashion scene in 2017
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02 January 2017

Bollywood has constantly stayed aware of the notoriety of giving us design objectives, after quite a long time and after a popular 2016, B-Town stars guarantee to guide us gorgeously into 2017. Since we were pondering what patterns will shake the New Year, we reached two big name beauticians - Sonia Magoo (who's styled everybody from Ranveer Singh to Kajol) and Naved Omin (who's styled any semblance of Randeep Hooda and Neha Dhupia) to illuminate us on what will be in vogue with regards to Bollywood design and this is what they needed to state: 

Athleisure, the distance 

"A major pattern around the world, atheleisure, which suggests garments intended for workouts and other athletic exercises however worn in different settings, for example, amid work, easygoing or social events will become huge in 2017. 2016 saw a considerable measure of celebs wearing agreeable track wear while voyaging and moving about, and that will end up being a prime pattern this year also," recommends Naved Omin, who's at present occupied with styling Parisian models in the French capital. 

Pink will a major trend dark 

Regardless of the amount you disdain this shading, pink will rule the majority of 2017. As per Sonia Magoo, "Pink was all the rage amid the Paris and New York form weeks and that is definitely what will be found in Bollywood, which possesses such a large number of pink adoring individuals." 

Stripes will rule 

An evergreen pattern, stripes will rule once more says, Omin. "Whether it's the pinstripes of the wide stripes, the striped pattern will be back with a blast," includes Omin. 

"Some form pundits cocked eyebrows when Sonam Kapoor displayed expansive shoulders in 2016, yet the performing artist is obviously route in front of her companions in the round of design on the grounds that huge shoulders are set to supplant the done to death off-shoulders in the coming year," clarifies Magoo. 

Perpetually ything khaki will control the perch 

Don't we as a whole simply adore khaki? All things considered, an everlasting style which got disregarded by the design police in 2016 for being excessively easygoing is going, making it impossible to manage B-Town once more. "Everybody's doing khaki - from Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta to Stella McCartney and because of its solace calculate, you'll see a ton of Bollywood men wearing khaki this New Year," includes Omin.

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