Om Swami told, I will beat Salman if he does not call me back on Big Boss 10

Om Swami told, I will beat Salman if he does not call me back on Big Boss 10
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09 January 2017

It appears that the disturbing tricks of Om Swami are digging in for the long haul. 

In a progression of stunning explanations given to ANI, in the wake of being tossed out from Bigg Boss 10, the self declared godman has guaranteed that the show's host and the Dabangg of Bollywood is "arguing" him to return on the show. 

"In the previous ten seasons, this one specifically had the most noteworthy TRP till the time I was in the house. The TRP is zero at this point. Henceforth, Salman Khan and the creators are presently getting back to me to return as a trump card passage," he said. 

Including his condition, Swami said, "I have let them know I will come just on one condition. Salman ought to rub his nose on my feet at the question and answer session that I'm hanging on January 10 at the Press Club of India here and apologize to me." 

Repudiating his announcement the precise next minute, Om Swami went over the edge when he undermined he won't let the finale to happen if he's not got back to and that he would go and beat the "Sultan" in front of an audience upon the arrival of the finale. 

"Since Salman is a trickster, I will bring one lakh individuals with me on January 28 and beat him beat up in front of an audience. I won't execute him since I need to torment him," he told ANI. 

For the unversed, amid the captaincy assignment this week, Swami tossed his pee on co-hopeful BJ and Rohan Mehra and accordingly he was instantly put behind the bars by different contenders. 

Later, on Friday, he was tossed out of the Bigg Boss house by the show's security watch.

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