Income tax departments detected Black Money of 3100 Crores in Raids and seized 86 Crores New Notes

Income tax departments detected Black Money of 3100 Crores in Raids and seized 86 Crores New Notes
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21 December 2016

NEW DELHI: In strikes the nation over post the November 8 restriction on 500-and 1,000-rupee takes note of, the Income Tax office has recognized more than 3,000 crores in undisclosed wage. 86 crores have been seized in new notes. 
I-T division did a sum of 677 inquiry, overview and enquiry operations, and has issued more than 3,100 notification to different substances on charges of duty avoidance and hawala-like dealings for laundering cash, official sources said. 
Adornments and trade out old money worth more than 428 crores were seized in the strikes. The greater part of the 86 crores seized in money were in 2,000-rupee notes, said sources. 
"The aggregate undisclosed pay conceded or distinguished as a component of this activity, till December 19, is more than Rs. 3,185 crore," sources said. 
The assessment division has likewise alluded more than 220 cases to organizations like the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to test other monetary violations like government evasion, lopsided resources and defilement as a component of their legitimate order. 
Authorities said different assessment workplaces in the nation and its strategy making body Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) are likewise planning with banks and their controller RBI as a feature of these examinations, being done to check charge avoidance and unlawful profiteering prompting to dark cash. 
In the mean time, the home office of these test organizations have issued requests to all their field arrangements to store the new cash, being seized by their authorities in operations, in ledgers as opposed to keeping it in solid rooms. 
Black Money
"Along these lines the new money can come into course and help banks apportion it to general society," they said. 
The I-T division has likewise requested that its field arrangements facilitate with nearby police, additionally making immense money and gems seizures, to comprehend the entire usual methodology of dark cash era after the demonetisation drive started.


Black Money
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