Hockey Junior World Cup 2016, India defeat Belgium in final

Hockey Junior World Cup 2016, India defeat Belgium in final
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19 December 2016

Before time dissolves memory and impressions blur away, lets return to what mentor Harendra Singh said when he was solicited in regards to India's odds from winning a week prior to the Junior World Cup - "Regardless of the possibility that I don't go to Lucknow and mentor the group by remote, India will win it." Well, on Sunday, before a stuffed Major Dhyan Chand Stadium, India demonstrated exactly why Harendra's certainty on the group was high as can be as they outmaneuvered Belgium 2-1 in the last of the Junior Hockey World Cup. India's strategic sharpness got the aspiring Belgians unprepared as they lifted the pined for trophy following 15 years. 

The Indian youngsters played as though they had swallowed a gallon of fly fuel. History may delicate brush the come about to coming eras when they read Belgium lost 1-2. Yet, honestly, India could without much of a stretch have scored four more. A flying begin with two objectives in the initial 22 minutes wrecked Belgium – Gurjant Singh and Simranjeet Singh, scoring of super turn around hits. Belgium's answer was not just late, it was a let-down. Indeed, even the clock had halted. 

The pace in the initial ten minutes was frantic. The pitch looked like a bundle of sprinters, wearing blue, holding hockey sticks. Ordinarily, the Belgians jump at the chance to set the pace. Be that as it may, India, after the underlying short burst of vitality by Belgium, just commanded and dazed the Red Lions. Varun Kumar, Parvinder Singh and Gurjant tried the Belgian safeguard. Clearly the pace was excessively hot for Belgium. 

In the event that there has been a shortcoming in this Indian side, it has been the punishment corner transformations. India had two in the initial seven minutes and both weren't hit neatly. Right then and there, one thought about whether these were costly errors. Yet, in the eighth moment came the move that paralyzed the Belgians. A scoop from India's profound safeguard saw it circular segment into the Belgian striking circle and the goalkeeper Loic van Doren, who was splendid in the semi-last, unexpectedly made a huge blunder, a costly one. Charging out to redirect it away, he essentially pushed it into the way of Gurjant who conveniently lifted it up and without dropping pace, transformed into the striking circle and let free an invert hit that cut up van Doren and another guard to speed into objective. Belgium was shocked. From that minute onwards, Belgium knew they couldn't take risks in the midfield and leave any space. 

Then, in profound safeguard, Harmanpreet Singh was imperious. There has never been any uncertainty about his ability yet against Belgium he demonstrated why India's protection is in great hands till the following Olympics. He was quiet, made and climbed on the correct flank, flying up in the Belgian striking circle on many events. On the off chance that there was a defect, it was the punishment corner bore. India's predominance was complete to the point that they had eight hover passages in the initial ten minutes. 

Belgium did attempt and slaughter the pace and halfway succeeded as well. Around the fifteenth moment of the primary half, there were sufficient revolutions from both the sides. The amusement was limited to the midfield as both groups moved men behind the ball. Dangers were wiped out. Demonstrate drifting regarding abilities wasn't seen. Every one of the blemishes found in the match against Australia had been resolved. Set up was a group that was never going to budge on playing proficient hockey. Prior to the last, Harendra Singh had said, "I learnt from missteps in the 2005 World Cup and numerous different competitions. I attempted to play assaulting hockey notwithstanding when I knew I could protect. I understood that objectives benefit look however a triumph by an objective or numerous objectives gives you three focuses as it were." 

At the point when Harjeet played marginally more profound, Simranjeet Singh had his spot. The move in the 22nd moment fell off Santa Singh. Nilakanta Sharma who could have been on the scorers list, pushed the ball for Simranjeet who from somewhat inside the striking circle crushed in a turn around shot to beat Belgian goalkeeper van Doren. At 2-0, Belgium had a mountain to climb. Also, they had the right stuff as well. However, India was not in a big-hearted temperament. To the disappointment of the Belgians, India wasn't willing to hazard the match with any inept moves. At last, the Europeans had a punishment corner with five minutes left in the principal half however a redirection from Gregory Stockbroekx missed the objective. 

The second half was to a greater degree a test for India than for Belgium. India expected to indicate whether they had the steel to most recent 35 minutes before their home group. Ten years back, Harendra's lesser side had driven 2-0 against Australia in the 2005 semi-last however then discarded it to in the long run lose 2-3. This was an alternate Harendra who remained at the Major Dhyan Chand Stadium shouting at his players to keep self-control and structure. Harjeet who had a decent trip didn't wander up a lot of unless there was support. Once the ball was lost, he kept running back boring the obligation of putting men at the back. 

Quentin van Lierde was offered an open door on a platter however he mishandled permitting the Indian goalkeeper Vikas Dahiya to clear the ball. It was one of those uncommon minutes when the Indian barrier rested off a bit. Similarly as the match achieved the midway check in the second half, Gurjant got the brilliant chance of fleeing with the ball and just van Doren in front however he couldn't control the ball. India had two punishment corners taking their match count to five however once more, obviously, couldn't make roundabout transformations. India's endeavor at shutting the entryways for all time wasn't going on that effortlessly. In the mean time, Henri Raes bursted over from close; it was the nearest Belgium would come to scoring from a field endeavor. As minutes ticked away, India pulled down the shades. The fretful group gived a shout out to each second realizing that the Indians would hang on. 

Be that as it may, similar to a decent motion picture with a curve, Belgium got a punishment corner with 24 seconds staying on the clock. When they took the punishment corner, the clock had terminated. However they had a moment sequential punishment corner and this time Fabrice van Bockrijck's flick hit within the post before going in for a relief objective. 

Fifteen years back Gagan Ajit Singh's group lifted the World Cup in Hobart. Furthermore, now Harjeet Singh and his young men remained on the platform on a chilly night in Lucknow getting a charge out of the sentiment at last emblazoning their names into hockey history.

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