Former Bigg Boss contestants think season 10 is its worst

Former Bigg Boss contestants think season 10 is its worst
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08 January 2017

Bigg Boss 10 is confronting feedback for restricting in candidates like Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om who must be tossed out mid-season because of their frightful conduct, fierce and disgusting acts. 

It's not new for questionable reality indicate Bigg Boss to be panned. The feedback, notwithstanding, has never been an impediment in its notoriety. Truth be told, progressively the feedback, higher its appraisals. From average citizens to celebs from the showbiz, Bigg Boss has earned its dependable group of onlookers, principally to bring out various minds and identities of its candidates on screen. The show is right now in its tenth season and raking in TRPs. Be that as it may, something's not right when similar viewers, many episodes, are either exchanging channels, or left whining about the raunchiness being appeared. This season had ordinary citizens as its members alongside the VIPs, a move went for making the show more comprehensive and intriguing. In any case, it appears to have reverse discharges with the show's supporters, a considerable lot of which are ex-Bigg Boss challengers, pummeling the choice of the hopefuls. 

Previous champs and members of Bigg Boss addressed about what turned out badly with this season, where the crowd saw individuals like Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga going into the house and being tossed after they took the substance of the show to an unequaled low. Is it true that it was the channel's blame at the determination tables, or something else? 

Urvashi Dholakia – Winner of Bigg Boss Season 6 

"I call this season disgustingly silly and that is on account of these competitors (ordinary citizens, likewise called Indiawale) are touted as our delegates, however they are definitely not! We don't originate from where they are and they don't speak to us. It's a disgrace and disfavor. Likewise, overall, I don't have the foggiest idea about what's with the contenders this time however they must be spoon-encouraged each day by Bigg Boss and consistently by Salman Khan. The show is in its twelfth week however the contenders don't see even the fundamental principles. The candidates have made a joke out of the show. And afterward obviously, you have individuals like Om (she energetically declines to address him as Swami Om) and Priyanka Jagga. The standard of Bigg Boss has certainly gone down. The show used to be about trying of mental and physical quality and it is peculiar that in its twelfth week, we can't choose who can be a champ since it is hard to discover somebody fit in this parcel. I truly trust they show signs of improvement challengers next time." 

Vindu Dara Singh – Winner of Bigg Boss Season 3 

"I think getting ordinary people was a major mix-up of the creators. They would reconsider before taking ordinary citizens in the following season. Individuals like Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga have a place with some extraordinary planet as it were. Big names have endured a great deal this season, more than the ordinary people. This has been the most exceedingly awful portion of Bigg Boss. You don't have a champ contender till now. Along these lines, you can envision how terrible it is. The season has seen the dirtiest tricks ever done on Bigg Boss." 

Suyyash Rai – Contestant of Bigg Boss Season 9 

"I haven't took after the season legitimately however I have seen a few scenes and when I saw Priyanka Jagga talking so discourteously to Salman Bhai, I was stunned. You can't converse with him like that! Actually, I have even watched her uncensored video and that was truly vulgar. Really the everyday citizens are not liable. They don't have anything to lose in this way, they can go too far. It is not as though such things are going on interestingly on the show, yet famous people are substantially more cognizant on the grounds that they need to work in the business and be responsible to the fans. I don't know on what premise were these everyday people picked yet I am certain the creators didn't foresee they would go to this degree. Last season, Priya (Malik) tossed pee on Kishwer (his significant other) yet she wasn't rebuffed. Yet, I feel had she got some discipline, it would have conveyed a solid message that such things are not permitted on the show." 

Kamya Punjabi – Contestant of Bigg Boss Season 7 

"This season certainly goes down as the most exceedingly awful yet not normal for others, I won't accuse just the ordinary citizens. I feel big names are no less this season. When you go ahead the show, you know you won't be permitted to converse with anybody outside and you need to take after the house runs and perform errands however here the case is absolutely inverse. You can't be so self-important and underestimate the amusement and individuals have done that. The thing which was most nauseating was when Salman informed the housemates concerning Om Puri ji and his dear companion's downfall, Bani J was unaffected. She had no response. For her, the insusceptibility was more critical. How low would someone be able to stoop? I could never need to meet such a man in my life. Thus, yes standard of the show has gone down in light of the fact that it has individuals like Bani taking an interest. 

Priya Malik – Contestant of Bigg Boss Season 9 

"To the extent the norms of the show, it is a show about human conduct, it's not the show's models but rather the candidates on it. Human personality is a weird mammoth and Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om have demonstrated that… I don't believe it's an everyday citizen versus VIP thing either. In the past there have been examples like Kushal dropping puppy crap on Tanisha and Kishwer spitting in Rishabh's water and after that pouring my pee on my seat to make me quit the assignment and me retaliating by sprinkling it "back" at her to stop her. At the point when the producers pick competitors they can't anticipate our activities or our responses. I for one feel that this season would've been a great deal better without Jagga and Swami Om. It has had its great minutes furthermore its debased minutes however the social part of it is by all accounts lost some place. I need to watch it for its stun esteem as well as for gathering elements which is the first introduce of the Big Brother arrange." 

Bigg Boss 10 is only three weeks from its terrific finale. Be that as it may, will's identity a champ, is still not clear. We consider the amount of viewership it'll lose at that point.

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