Controversial quotes by Swami Om, From slapping Salman Khan to getting SRK kidnapped

Controversial quotes by Swami Om, From slapping Salman Khan to getting SRK kidnapped
By: Author
07 January 2017

Swami Om is investigating every possibility in snatching the spotlight for his tricks. Eve however he is not a part of the Bigg Boss 10 house any longer, Swami Om isn't sitting idlle, yet is showing up on many talk showa held by different channels. From saying things like - he was given medications and the ladies in the house are likewise sedated, he has infuriated many out there. before he even showed up on the show, Swami Om had made negative remarks about Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and their particular spouses. Here is a glance at the questionable quotes by the ex-Bigg-Boss hopeful. 

Swami Om is not a part of the show, as he was requested that leave in the wake of tossing his pee on kindred competitors amid an assignment. Post leaving the show, Swami has been making persistent endeavors in putting Bigg Boss in a negative light. When he was talked with post leaving the show, he expressed that he was tranquilized inside the house as were the young ladies, who were additionally made to foul up things inside the house. He called Salman Khan an ISI specialist. Later Om Ji went ahead to stating that he has slapped Salman and has recorded a FIR against him. This is not recently the end, Swami Om likewise expressed that Bigg Boss creators are asking for him to return on the show, yet he won't go, rather he would reach at the finale with 100 of his men. 

Before Om Ji had additionally gone into the Bigg Boss house he made remark on Bollywood whizzes Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan. He had said, "I have asked SRK, Aamir and Saif, who have hitched Hindu young ladies to embrace Hinduism else I will grab them and change over them into Hindus commandingly. Kareena ne Love Jihad k andar us se shaadi ki gai, usne dhan k laalach mein Saif Ali Khan se shaadi ki, Sharmila Tagore ne bhi dhan k laalach mein shaadi ki. Gauri Khan garib thi, usne bhi paiso k liye Shah Rukh Khan se shaadi ki, waha bhi Love Jihad hai. Shah Rukh Khan's mom tailed me and I advised her that your child would be a whiz, along these lines Gauri wedded him, since she knew his future was secure." 

Amid the show, Swami Om portrayed an episode of his resurrection after he was shot and his spirit left hsi body. He had said, "When I was shot in my mind and I was in the ICU, I was proclaimed dead by the specialists. When I cleared out my body, I was watching everybody from above. My spirit could even observe my dead body. I could see all's identity in the operation theater and what they are discussing. I even heard specialists announcing me dead. I additionally observed my kin sobbing outside. After I returned my body, I imparted my experience to my kin and they were astounded that I was watching everything" 

Amid one of the assignments on the show Swami Om told Bani J that on the off chance that she doesn't let her little girl Priyanka Jagga win, then her mom would bite the dust. This did infuriate to challengers inside the house, as well as left the vieres stunned, who communicated their outrage via web-based networking media. This remark of Swami Om brought him into a negative light for some.

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