Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga says she is not afraid of Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga says she is not afraid of Salman Khan
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17 December 2016

Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga gets a battle with Lopamudra for rebuffing her without a substantial reason. 

Trust Priyanka Jagga to have a foot-in-the-mouth minute in practically every scene of Bigg Boss 10 and this time at the less than desirable end is no contender however the show's star himself, have Salman Khan. 

While the ugliest of battles between housemates is regular on the dubious reality appear, it is once in a while observed that the competitors talk in a not really satisfying way for Salman, either out of their regard for his stature or because of the dread of the Bollywood hotshot. 

Actually as a rule, the Bigg Boss challengers are seen carrying on like Salman Khan fan young men and young ladies. Fizzling professions of numerous Bigg Boss members have another rent of life, on account of being in Salman's great books. 

In any case, that doesn't make a difference to Priyanka as she says on the demonstrate that she wouldn't like to make profession in the showbiz. "I am not apprehensive of Salman Khan. I am just anxious of Bigg Boss since I am not searching for any vocation in the business," the Delhi young lady will be seen saying in this evening's scene. 

What's more, it is a battle with Lopamudra Raut on the demonstrate that prompted to Priyanka making the remark. At the point when the Bigg Boss requested that commander Lopa designate five individuals for discipline, the model took Swami Om and Priyanka's names among others. 

Unsatisfied with Lopa's explanation behind designating her, Priyanka grabs a battle with her. Amid their warmed contention, Priyanka makes an individual comment on her looks. She says that Lopa looks great just with make-up and she ought to meander in the house without it so individuals take a gander at her genuine face, which doesn't look great.

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