A Week After New Year Shame, Woman In Burqa Allegedly Molested In Bengaluru

A Week After New Year Shame, Woman In Burqa Allegedly Molested In Bengaluru
By: Author
07 January 2017

A young lady wearing a Burqa was supposedly assaulted by a man on Friday in North Bengaluru. 

BENGALURU: Barely a week after Bengaluru was put to disgrace by episodes of mass attack and ambush on New Year's Eve, another occurrence of asserted attack has become known. 

A young lady wearing a burqa was allegedly assaulted by a man early morning on Friday in North Bengaluru's KG Haali local location as she was strolling on her approach to work. 

It is trusted that the man took after her, got her and stuck her to the ground as she shouted for offer assistance. She got scraped areas on her legs, arms and her tongue. 

The assailant allegedly fled when the yelping of road puppies raised an alert. Occupants then raced to the help the lady and took her to a Hospital. 

The police said they have propelled a look for the suspect. 

On December 31, in a comparable occurrence, a young lady strolling home was drawn nearer by two men on a bike. Frightened, she attempted to evade them, however one man landed and assaulted her. As she battled back, he pushed her towards the other man. He attacked her, and after that tossed her hard to the ground. The video - recorded by surveillance cameras at a house close-by in East Bengaluru - demonstrates a gathering of individuals watching the strike without mediating. 

The city police has been confronting a tempest of feedback after a gathering of men grabbed, stalked and hassled ladies on New Year's Eve, as a great many individuals were celebrating in the city's greatest business extend. Video film and pictures coursed via web-based networking media had demonstrated ladies crying and looking for offer assistance.

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